The 3rd British Motorsport Festival

1.Brief Introduction of BMF

British Motorsport Festival is a racing culture carnival. Our vision is to build up a community of interest for enjoying racing. We aim to promote the development of auto sports, auto culture and auto life market in China. Our goal is to build a grand carnival with activities for car fans, karting enthusiasts, anglophiles, young adults and kids alike.

2.Distinctive events

Track parade for fans of racing

British brands show for customers

Vintage cars display for fans of cars and British style

Karting series for racing enthusiasts

British/Auto culture experiences for families with certain consumption capacity

3.Target people group

Car-owner clubs & Car culture fans

Fans of British cultures

Fans of British brands

Families with children

A large number of UK returnees and going abroad students

Loyal customers of British brands

4.Event details

Theme:  Get on the Grid— Legends Start in the Kart

Date:May 26-27th, 2018


Venue: Beijing Red 1 Karting

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